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Feed Wrangler is a modern, sustainable RSS reader.

Great Apps, Included FREE

  • Web interface accessible anywhere.
  • iPhone and iPad apps ready now.
  • Mac OS Desktop application coming soon.
  • iOS Podcast client coming soon.

Feed Wrangler is funded by your ongoing subscription so the Feed Wrangler apps will always be provided as a free add-on.

No need to buy the sync service and and the apps you need to use it.


Smart Streams & Filters

  • Create Custom Feeds tailored to your tastes.
  • Group your favorite feeds into a single, easy to check stream.
  • Apply search criteria to your newsfeed to pinpoint topical articles.
  • Automatically mark articles as read with keyword filtering to clean your newsfeed of unwanted items.

Advanced Read Later

  • Integrates with Instapaper and Pocket.
  • One tap easy saving to Read Later.
  • Automatic saved article detection hides articles you've already saved for later. (Requires Instapaper Subscription)

Full 3rd Party API

  • Allows Feed Wrangler to be accessed via your favorite RSS client.
  • Modern JSON API available for 3rd Party client developers.
  • Launching in May, 2013.
  • Developers interested in beta API access please email

Support and Inquiries