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Feed Wrangler is funded by your ongoing subscription so the Feed Wrangler apps will always be provided as a free add-on.

Feed Wrangler for iOS

  • Free for all Feed Wrangler members.
  • Universal, optimized for both iPhone and iPad.
  • Clean, focused reading experience.
  • Wrangle Mode for powering through your feeds.
  • Full background support for iOS 7.

Pod Wrangler for iOS

  • Free for all Feed Wrangler members.
  • Full featured podcast client powered by Feed Wrangler's servers.
  • Background downloading and push notifications.

3rd Party Apps

Feed Wrangler is additionally supported by a wide range of 3rd Party clients. Find the perfect app to fit your tastes and preferences.

Reconnaissance Reeder Mr Reader Slow Feeds
Turbine Reader Aradais Reader My Paper Unread
Feedbot Sidetrack Fiery Feeds
Press (Android)


Reviews of Feed Wrangler

"Of all the Google Reader alternatives I've been trying, Feed Wrangler struck me as the one with a clear vision, some unique features, a reliable engine, and a simple business model that will encourage the creation of third-party apps with more powerful, versatile feature sets."
Federico Viticci, macstories.net

"...Feed Wrangler's Read Later integration and the Smart Stream versatility are exactly the sort of forward-thinking innovation I hope we're going to see more of in a post-Google Reader world."
Shawn Blanc, shawnblanc.net

"Feed Wrangler is incredibly fast and for users that want a simple interface that allows them to just read content with no distractions, it may be a perfect fit."
Allyson Kazmucha, imore.com


Smart Streams & Filters

  • Create Custom Feeds tailored to your tastes.
  • Group your favorite feeds into a single, easy to check stream.
  • Apply search criteria to your newsfeed to pinpoint topical articles.
  • Automatically mark articles as read with keyword filtering to clean your newsfeed of unwanted items.

Advanced Read Later

  • Integrates with Instapaper, Pocket and Pinboard.
  • One tap easy saving to Read Later.
  • Automatic saved article detection hides articles you've already saved for later.

Full 3rd Party API

  • Allows Feed Wrangler to be accessed via your favorite RSS client.
  • Modern JSON API available for 3rd Party client developers.
  • Launching in May, 2013.
  • Developers interested in API access please visit the Developer Console.

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