Thank you for being a Feed Wrangler subscriber. This service was created nine years ago when Google announced the end of Google Reader. Unfortunately, today I'm making a similar announcement about the future of Feed Wrangler.

I will be shutting down Feed Wrangler next year, on March 1, 2023. This date is one year since the last member was billed for their subscription. No further membership fees will be charged to any existing members.

I want to make this transition as straightforward as possible for you. So I've worked with the excellent RSS syncing service Feedbin to provide an automatic migration path forward.

If you are an existing member, simple login below and head to your Account page. From here you can use Feedbin's migration feature to bring over your feed subscriptions, starred articles and even synchronize your unread status. You'll then have a 14 day free trial to get settled in.

I don't have a business relationship with Feedbin, but reached out to ask if they would build this migration path for my users. Feedbin is the service I will use myself going forward and I can strongly recommend it to you.

Feed Wrangler is not currently taking new sign-ups.
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